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FAQ: Do I need a second photographer?

One of the most popular questions I get from brides is ‘do I need a second photographer?’ It’s a good question and one that has a different answer for every wedding. Some photographers will tell you that you never need a second photographer because they’ve been shooting alone for years. Others will tell you that you always need a second photographer, or that their package automatically includes one. Well, for me, its one of the add-on options for my couples because I believe that if I can save a bride a few dollars to put towards something else in their budget then I should!

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There are two times when I will recommend a second photographer to brides.

#1. If you have an unusually large family that can be difficult to keep organized. When I say unusually large, I’m talking 30-40+ people in your family portraits. The family portraits are often times the most stressful part of a wedding day for brides, and for many, they aren’t expecting that. I have a really good process down that keeps this time stress free and simple. For larger families, having a second photographer makes it easier to manage the large group by having an extra set of hands to get the next grView More: http://shannonensorphotography.pass.us/jessica-donnieoup of people ready when it’s their turn to be photographed.

#2. If you have a really tight timeline but still want photos of getting ready. Sometimes it makes more sense to have two photographers instead of adding additional hours of coverage to your package. If the groomsmen are getting ready in a different location than the bridesmaids, the second photographer can take care of their getting ready photos and the photos of the guys together before the ceremony.  By doing this, we can save ourselves about ten minutes of bridal party photos after the ceremony and people don’t feel as rushed. And, it gets your bridal party off to the reception which is usually where they are excited to go!

Other times when you might want a second photographer might include doing a first look, or maybe you just want more photos from a different perspective. They are all valid reasons, but it comes down to preference and often times, budget. If you can afford a second photographer and feel like it might alleviate stress related to the timeline of the day then my advice would be to go for it!

Want to know another little fun fact that is often a frequently asked question? My second photographers are girls that I work with on a regular basis that I know and trust. I don’t hire students or newer photographers to learn during your wedding day because I recognize that your wedding images are precious memories that you only get one chance at. Pictured above, Anne is one of my most frequent second shooters and we’ve gotten to be pros at bustling dresses!

What other questions do you have for  me? I’d love to answer your questions on the blog! Feel free to email me so we can chat!