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Our New Home!

I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but we are buying our first home!! This process has taken nearly two months, it’s happening during busy season, and I’m thoroughly convinced that I’m never doing it ever again. Kyle and I have agreed that we’ll add additions and make our tiny new house a mansion before we do this whole process again. Getting approved for a mortgage takes forever, and there is no such thing as privacy when a bank wants every single detail of your entire life spelled out on paper.

Nonetheless, we got approved! We don’t settle on the house for another two weeks, but we are SO excited to make this little house of ours a home. When we were shopping for houses we agreed that it was important to have more experiences together vs. more house because after all, who wants to spend all their free time cleaning and working on house projects? I’ve enjoyed the process of simplifying our things (although we still have a long way to go) and I’m looking forward to living in a home that we chose very intentionally.

Check it out! We are probably the most excited about the fact that all this house needs are some color on the walls to make it our own, but the house is in pristine condition 🙂 We have an acre of fenced in yard for the dogs to run and plenty of room to add on in the future. Kyle’s first project is putting a deck around the pool and an outdoor kitchen!